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Small Business Consultation

Specializing in Business Management for Entertainment Companies and Performers.

Headquartered in New York City with satellite offices in Los Angeles and Nashville - EBACG (Entertainment Business / Actors Consultation Group) handles companies and individuals exclusively working in the Entertainment/Media/Arts sector.

Providing a comprehensive review of your current entertainment business model is the first step on the path to the goals that you wish to achieve. Do you need to increase revenue or decrease cost? Re-brand yourself in the industry? Get better training and education? 

If you're a media company we can handle every aspect of keeping your business operational, profitable and competitive. If you're an individual actor/performer we work closely with you to incorporate you, grow you, and finacially protect and elevate you within the industry. 




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New York, NY


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Areas of Practice


May you be a single performer or a giant media company, it is in your best interest to receive the financial and legal protections of being incorporated. Many other firms take over a month to accomplish this for you, we can often get it done for you within 24 hours. 

Small Business Management

Every business has different ideas, a different culture and different management needs. We strategically create a detailed plan for your company to ensure initial start up success to continued growth, revenue increase and proper internal management. 

Performers Platform

We are the only small business consultation group that specializes strictly on Actors/Actresses and all Performers in the Entertainment world. We know Artists have different needs and professional obligations than any other industry. We work to ensure you are positioned for success. 


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